Estrategias inteligentes para ahorrar dinero al comprar automóviles de segunda mano en Mallorca

Los vendedores esperan que usted pague la tarifa completa o el precio cada vez que compre automóviles de segunda mano. Es bueno saber cómo ahorrar dinero teniendo en cuenta el estado de la economía. Mallorca es reconocida como un destino turístico líder en España. Las empresas de agricultura y artesanía tradicional también contribuyen a su economía. Los trabajadores y los inversores en todos estos sectores necesitan automóviles. Algunos pueden comprar autos nuevos, mientras que otros solo tienen dinero para autos de segunda mano en Mallorca.

A continuación se presentan algunas estrategias inteligentes para ayudarlo a ahorrar dinero al comprar automóviles de segunda mano.

Evita la mayoría de los modelos favoritos

Algunos modelos son bastante populares entre los residentes de Mallorca. Evita estos favoritos En su lugar, opta por los modelos menos populares y estarás en camino de ahorrar una tonelada de dinero. Vaya en línea y compare el costo de una marca popular de autos usados ​​en comparación con los otros modelos. Internet tiene varias herramientas que puede usar para hacer esto. Las marcas extremadamente populares cuestan mucho dinero para comprar. Por lo tanto, acércate a tu búsqueda con una mente abierta.

Seleccionar viejos modelos

Los modelos antiguos cuestan menos y, por lo tanto, le ahorran dinero. Los últimos automóviles, incluso los que tienen los últimos cuerpos, le costarán un brazo y una pierna. No importa que sean de segunda mano y hayan estado en la cuadra varios años. Los modelos más nuevos contienen componentes y características de última generación; por lo tanto, los altos precios. Con un poco de investigación, podrá encontrar un buen modelo de hace 5-10 años que cuesta menos y tiene todas las características que necesita.

Elija modelos base

Los modelos base se destacan por una razón principal: tienen menos funciones. Sin embargo, la falta de características nunca debería preocuparte. ¿Necesita todas las ayudas de navegación, entretenimiento y otras características similares? De lo contrario, un modelo base sería más que suficiente para sus necesidades y su bolsillo. Los modelos base son ideales para compradores con presupuestos ajustados. Solo consigue un auto, puedes mejorar un poco y conducir por la carretera lo antes posible.

Aumentar el pago inicial

Puede ver esta estrategia y preguntarse si es realmente inteligente. ¡Sin embargo lo és! Hacer un pago inicial sustancial reduce sustancialmente sus tasas de interés. Lo que es más, también podría evitarle hacer pagos mensuales enormes. Por lo tanto, prepare una buena cantidad después de hablar con el vendedor sobre esto. Idealmente, el vendedor no tendría problemas con los pagos iniciales considerables, siempre y cuando usted pague el monto acordado.

coches segunda mano palma de Mallorca

UK Gender Pay Gap Is At A Record Low

The gender pay gap in the United Kingdom has dropped to a record low since records began two decades ago. However, the country still has a long way to go before equal pay for both men and women is achieved. The pay differences between both genders has attracted significant public attention in the UK and businesses are now required to publish figures on them.
Despite falling the gender pay gap falling considerably in 2017, the average woman is still earning 9.4% less than the average man. This is according to provisional results released by the Office for National Statistics. The gender pay gap decreased to 9.1% in 2017 from 9.4% in 2016. At this rate, it may take the country decades to achieve equal gender pay.
When it comes to part time employees, women are actually paid more than their male counterparts per hour. This gender pay gap is closer to zero. In April 2016, the pay gap among part time employees was negative 6.1%. The figure increased to negative 5.1% in the last year.
There are huge disparities across the United Kingdom when it comes to the gender pay gap in different parts of the country. For instance, women in Clackmannanshire are the furthest in wage gap behind male workers. The average woman in this part of the country earns an hourly wage of 9.37 pounds while the average man earns 14.96 pounds. This is a 37% wage gap.
At the other end of the scale, women earned more than men in almost 30 of UK’s local authority areas according to ONS figures. Women working full time in Rossendale earned 12.26 pounds, which equates to 27% more than the men. Uttlesford and Allerdale had the next biggest wage gaps.
Low income earners enjoyed the largest boost in pay during the past year and those in the bottom 20th percentile saw their wages increase by 6.2%. This was attributed to introduction of the National Living Wage in 2016. The Gender Gap reporting regulations, which came into effect in April 2017, also played a major role. Any company in Britain with more than 250 employees is now required to publish their results to a government website by 4th April 2018.
Most companies have already published their gender gap reports. For instance, men who work for JPMorgan are paid 26% higher than their female colleagues and their bonuses are 41% higher. In some of the financial institutions, men are paid almost 60% higher than women. Old Mutual reported a gender pay gap of 29%, Jupiter Asset Management 38%, Barclays 48% and HSBC 59%.
The figures may not look encouraging but when you compare them to data from 20 years ago, it is apparent that there has been steady improvement over the years. The country has a long way to go and companies are also making significant efforts to reduce the gender pay gap. They are making efforts to recruit the best candidates from all backgrounds. Training, development and progression are also proving instrumental when it comes to progressing the careers of employees and helping them achieve full potential. Striving to create an inclusive culture that encourages valuing different perspectives and fostering collaboration will go a long way towards closing the gender gap.

Should You Do DIY End of Tenancy Cleaning?

You are moving out, but there is one thing left. That is end of tenancy cleaning. It is a standard feature in many tenancy agreements that a tenant does end of tenancy cleaning. Unsurprisingly, this is the number one cause of landlord-tenant disputes. Unfortunately, the tenant loses out in many cases because the landlord has a right to insist on a clean house.  Simply put, if you are looking forward to a refund of your tenancy deposit it is advisable to engage an end of tenancy cleaning London service to do a professional cleaning job.

More than general cleaning

You have to do a more thorough job in end of tenancy cleaning than what is normally done during general cleaning. While general cleaning usually involves large scale cleaning on a few spaces like the living room and the kitchen, end of tenancy cleaning involves top to bottom cleaning of the whole house.

End of tenancy cleaning involves chores that are not regularly done including scrubbing limescale from the bathroom sinks, removing stains from the floor and walls, and totally clearing kitchen equipment off grime and grease.

If you have a furnished apartment, the end of tenancy cleaning is a bit more involving. Upholstery is dusted and vacuumed. Hard furniture surfaces and flooring should also be polished.

Not a DIY job

While it is possible to do DIY cleaning, it is highly inadvisable. It is an involving job for one or two people. There is a high likelihood that it will not come off right. If you do it DIY, you will probably be relying on your mop and bucket, which are woefully inadequate for such a job. It is better handled by an end of tenancy cleaning London service with heavy duty cleaning equipment like hoovers, and industrial grade cleaning bleach to deal with stubborn stains.

A professional cleaning service can handle a standard apartment in a few hours. These are experienced professionals used to different types of cleaning. A cleaning service is more likely to do a professional cleaning job that will stand an inspection from the landlord.

Avoid disputes

The landlord will not hesitate to disputes a badly done job, and hold on to your tenancy deposit. He will ask for a repeat of the job, which will cost you more money. The alternative is leaving the landlord to use your tenancy deposit to pay for repeat cleaning. In the end, DIY cleaning is likely to cost you more than you intended to save.

Facebook Scandal has Created Mistrust on Users

The Cambridge Analytica, a data company based in the United Kingdom, has given Facebook its most difficult challenge to date. In the last few days, Cambridge Analytica has been in the news for all the wrong reasons. It is accused of obtaining information from more than 50 million Facebook users in the United States illegally. It then used this data to target the users with campaign content during the 2016 US Presidential Elections.

The concern is that Facebook probably knew about this but opted to do nothing about it.

Authorities summon Mark Zuckerberg

Since then, Facebook has been summoned by authorities in the UK to explain how this happened. Just this week, UK MPs summoned the company’s CEO and Founder, Mark Zuckerberg, to explain what transpired. The lawmakers are interested in establishing whether any link exists between Facebook and the political analysis firm. The political consultancy firm used an app known as “thisisyourdigitallife” to mine data from millions of Facebook profiles.

The downside for Facebook is the negative reaction this scandal has created.

For example, it is now losing many users. The reason the users are citing for abandoning Facebook is the ability of third parties to access their private and confidential information. For years, Facebook has been forced to respond to concerns regarding user privacy. Why wasn’t the company able to protect private information? Is Facebook as secure as the CEO and Founder as well as other personnel have made the world to believe?


A hashtag to this effect has since emerged. #DeleteFacebook has been trending this week.

It even led Elon Musk to respond to a Twitter user who requested him to delete the Facebook page of two of his companies – SpaceX and Tesla. One of WhatsApp’s co-founders – Brian Acton – also took to Twitter to ask his thousands of followers to delete Facebook. It is worth noting that Facebook acquired WhatsApp in 2014 for a whopping $19 billion. So far, the decision to #DeleteFacebook appears to have been an easy one to make for celebrities and billionaires.

Ordinary Users Offer Hope

However, the ordinary folk were a bit reluctant.

Consequently, the ordinary users appear to be offering Facebook some hope. For such people, Facebook remains one of the most effective and cheapest ways of getting in touch with loved ones, friends, and colleagues. The celebrities and billionaires who left continue citing the fact Facebook has too much of their personal details as the main reason for leaving. They wonder what Facebook is capable of doing with this info post-Cambridge Analytica.

Facebook will need to prove its complicity or lack thereof to earn users’ trust once again.